Information Explosion this Weekend – LA Barcamp #2 is Here!

I’ve gotten so caught up with the logistical todo necessary to pull off Barcamp LA that I haven’t looked at the presentations much. We have 100 people signed up and looking over the list of topics I’m really started to get excited. Check these out:

  • Jason Fields is showing off Snap a new search paradigm (I love new paradigms!)
  • Reichart is bringing some really old swag for the swag fashion show in addition to talking about the problems, pains and paradoxes of Web 2.0 platform. (I love paradoxes!)
  • Micki and The Daniel are going over the super cool Revver API
  • fellow Jillian is going to talk about GTD with Google Tools
  • John Smart from the LA Futurists (I love his name!) is going to be presenting on How to be an Integral Futurist
  • jenka from the dolab is covering the branding of authenticity (I’m totally down with that one!)
  • and there is going to be electric cars, abstract chess, coder yoga, geek dating tips, guitar hero hacking, a swag fashion show, podcasting and vloggers and wine and pizza and jello shots and music and much much more.

I almost can’t wait. I’m most certainly going to have to clone myself to attend all the sessions, so I hope we figure that out first thing. But tonight I’m going to rest and relax, just as soon as I make these 200 jello shots! If you come to barcamp, please come up and say hi!