Dear Phantom Opera Singer

I awaken to your deep baritone singing those same few bars. Sometimes I hear you in the afternoon, but mostly it is in the morning when I am barely opening my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy your singing. But who are you? And where do you live? I know you must live nearby, because I hear you all the time, but every time I pop my head out the window to catch a stronger sound I am greeted with only silence, or maybe some birds singing or a siren from the nearby fire stations.

Who and where are you, my morning phantom opera singer? And what language are you singing in?

Yours Truly,


9 thoughts on “Dear Phantom Opera Singer”

  1. I have had the same experience with a flute player in my neighborhood. I walked out to see who/where it was coming from and as soon as I approached the front of his house from the street, nothing but complete silence.

    I later learned from a neighbor more details.

  2. You don’t happen to live downtown, do you? This sounds like a guy I would always hear when I lived at 4th & Main. He’d wander the neighborhood singing the same refrain over and over–it reminded me of an old Southern spiritual. Never did catch him in the act to see what he looked like.

  3. Solid walls and pipes might convey sound better than open air. Stick you ear to the wall. Get inside the utilities closet. But do not be tempted to stick your head down the loo. Just say no to any such throught. Some things one simply does not do. Good luck.

  4. I’m in West Hollywood. I didn’t hear him this morning, but then, I was up a bit early. He was singing pretty Saturday morning. I actually quite enjoy it. yay for singing opera neighbors.

  5. Well i don’t know what would be worse…waking up to opera singers, or to my russian neighbor’s soap operas…

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