Woman confesses to murder on Leykis

Anyone who knows about LA based radio talk show host Tom Leykis has a reaction to him, either they love him or hate him for a whole collection of different reasons. And anyone who listens also knows that many of the callers seem to have fallen off the boat and are swimming towards dumb island, which only leads to the amusement. Last week one of those callers might have taken the prize by admitting to murdering someone on the air. The caller, “Sue”, said that after a one night stand she’d become pregnant and attempted to get child support from the father. When he refused to pay up she bragged about shooting him in the heart (going as far as to say she is a nurse and knew just where to aim) and killing him. When Tom asked how she liked jail she laughed it off saying that she got away with it by simply crying a lot and saying the guy had been drinking, was upset, and had shot himself. Of course Tom went over the details with her and confirmed the name of the small city she lived in as well as her phone number and then informed her that he was turning that info over to the cops at which point she hung up. Well he did, and now it seems that detectives think the call was legit and this actually happened. They are looking further into it at this point, and I’ll keep you posted when charges are filed.