Walk Wilshire Blvd with Franklin Ave!

Over at Franklin Avenue, Mike has whipped up plans to walk the entire 16 mile stretch of Wilshire Blvd and wants you to join him! Inspired by Kevin Roderick’s and Eric Lynxwiler’s “Wilshire Boulevard: Grand Concourse of Los Angeles” the plan is scheduled for Saturday, November 18 and should probably be an all-day thing. Mike writes:

“It’s an all-day thing: We’ll meet for breakfast at 7 (I’m thinking the downtown Standard’s coffee shop, which is close by and open 24/7), start hiking at 8 a.m., and leisurely make our way to Santa Monica by 4 p.m. or so — topping it off with dinner as the sun sets over the Pacific. (Don’t worry, we’re keeping things cheap here. Suggestions are welcome.) Comfy shoes and water? A must. Some sort of plan to get home from Santa Monica? Probably a good idea. Camera to blog the adventure? Of course.”

Want in? Leave a comment on Mike’s blog or feel free to try and coordinate with blogging.la readers in the comments below. Should be interesting one way or the other.

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