More fun with sirens in Silver Lake

It’s just not stop action over here these days. The past two hours have been packed with sirens and helicopters and what seems to be a barricade blocking off Lucile between Effie and Crestmont. A quick chat with an officer reveals that someone in one of the houses there thought it would be a good idea to point a rifle at one of his neighbors, who in turn didn’t seem to agree that it was such a hot idea and informed the authorities directly. The helicopter seems to have stopped circling but the roads are still blocked off so I’m guessing this is at least near being wrapped up. Exciting!

One thought on “More fun with sirens in Silver Lake”

  1. Sean,

    I am your neighbor, I was online trying to find out what happened yesterday with the helicopters and such. Did you ever find the black hummer? I saw your signs in the hood. I may have information for you.


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