Maybe Angelinos Really Are As Vain As They Say

So, there’s a guy sitting next to me at the coffee shop right now working on his MacBook. Looks like he’s working on a screenplay. But the important part is that his desktop image is a picture of himself. And it’s not like a candid picture of him with some friends or on vacation somewhere, maybe to remind him of a good time while he’s working. No. It’s like a dorky posed promo photo of just him. As they say on VH1’s 100 Least Hip-Hop Moments: “L to the A to the M-E, Lame.”

5 thoughts on “Maybe Angelinos Really Are As Vain As They Say”

  1. Wow, I’ve got so many windows open on my mac that I’m not even sure what my desktop picture is [F11] oh yeah, it’s a picture of food.

  2. wow – now THERE’S a genuine, giving person i think i could share a meaningful relationship with.

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