Matt Dillon double bill features murdered actress’s final film and Drugstore Cowboy at the New Beverly

Tonite is the second and last night for the Matt Dillon double bill at the New Beverly.

What makes this all the more timely is that Factotum costarred actress Adrienne Shelly, who was found hanging from a shower curtain at her New York home last week.

As Steve Huff wrote, what really happened was “like the sort of news story destined to be re-fashioned into fiction on the long-running crime drama, Law & Order.”

At first, this appeared to be a suicide. Huff, a former Metblogger, now a crimeblogger, had some doubts to these initial reports, as did Shelly’s husband and father of their child, Andy Ostroy.

In fact, soon after Huff’s initial post on the subject, and less than a week after Shelly was found dead, an arrest had been made. Diego Pillco, a 19 year old costruction worker, is now accused of punching Shelly after she complained he was being too loud while doing work on the floor where her office was. Police also allege that he then proceeded to hang her from a shower curtain in an effort to stage a suicide, complete with a forged suicide note.

Factotum was Adrienne Shelly’s last film. It plays tonite at 7:30pm, followed by Drugstore Cowboy at 9:20pm.

(photo found at persephassa’s Flickr page)

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  1. Man I loved that girl back in the day. How rotten. Many say that November is the blackest month. They may be right. RIP Adrienne.

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