AOL Wrecks Traffic in Hollywood


At least all around Sunset and the 101. This morning the folks over at AOL Goldrush thought it would be an awesome promotion to give away free gas at a Shell station at Sunset & Wilton in Hollywood. And by free gas I mean up to $25 worth for anyone who bothered to pull into the station. Who would be interested in free gas in Hollywood? Yeah, everyone. Oh, and this was only until 10:30am this morning so it was really more of a mad dash. When I heard about this I knew I had to run over immediately, not really for the free gas but to see the chaos that was resulting from it. I was not disappointed.

goldrushgas.jpgTraffic was backed up on Sunset from the station past Serrano, and north on every street in between well past Hollywood Blvd. This handy map should show that a little better. In some places it was only one lane of traffic that was jammed, others it was the full street. There were tons of AOL people in these goofy yellow (or golden) vests trying to manage traffic and pumping the gas, and a few LAPD officers standing around as well. How the hell did all these people find out about this? Friends at AOL it seems. While driving past I rolled down my window and asked two people how they found out about the free gas – “My son works at AOL and he told me all about it” was one answer, “A good friend of mine works at AOL and e-mailed me” was another. So there you have it, based on my very thorough study AOL clogged up traffic in Hollywood to promote Goldrush to people who have friends/family at AOL, and annoy the crap out of everyone else.

Lots more photos of the shenanigans after the jump. [thanks for the tip laist]

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  1. i live right around the corner from there and had to venture out this morning only to have to come right back and it was a nightmare getting around the traffic.

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