Best. Telemarketing. Call. Ever.

When Caller ID shows the LA Times on the horn, I usually just ignore it. They’re a little…um…overly persistent. But my DSL was down last night — AGAIN — which meant my Vonage was down, which meant the call got routed to my cell, which meant the ID was lost somewhere along the way. Hopefully, up The New AT&T’s–but I digress…

PLEASE NOTE: Yesterday was 95F…outside. Which meant it was something like 105F in my sh*tbox, postwar apartment. And I’ve given up television. And it was a big, big election day. (And did I mention my DSL was down?)

Yes. So. Our playlet:

ME (wearily): “Hi, this is Colleen.”
HIM: “Hi, this is Joe X. from the LA Times about your subscription.”
ME (warily): “Yes?”
HIM: “This holiday season, we’re offering a special for our weekend-only custom–”
ME (cutting him off…POLITELY, I SWEAR!!!): “I’m sorry, but I’m really not–”
HIM (gamely proceeding): “–where you can get the weekday–”
ME (more firmly…BUT POLITELY, I SWEAR): “I’m sorry, I’m really not interested.”



HIM: I’m really not interested either. (click)



ME: Hahahahahahaha!!!! (Wipes eyes. Dials cell.) Hello, Time-Warner Cable…?

One thought on “Best. Telemarketing. Call. Ever.”

  1. Hilarious. Those jokers call our office extensions all the time, and I have to cut them off in a similar fashion. Half the time they hang up on me first, but not as humorously.

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