Hot Day for Voting

Today is a hot day, the hottest November 7th on record since records have been kept starting 129 years ago. They Times also thinks that the nice weather will bring out more voters to the polls, surmising that there will be a 55% turnout rate in California. I certainly hope there will be, more California voters equals more Democrat voters, hopefully equaling the Governator out of office.

Update So again I got it wrong, it looks like today was actually 97 degrees, another record setting day! The article I linked to before was from yesterday.

3 thoughts on “Hot Day for Voting”

  1. I don’t see that implication at all. Dems are less likely to vote for him than republicans, if 80% of republicans vote for him and 20% of democrats vote for him, a higher proportion of Democrats coming out would mean he’d get a smaller proportion of the votes.

    I am a democrat and I didn’t vote for Arnold, I voted for Angelides. I wasnt too excited about doing that. However, my thoughts are that Ahh-nold hasnt been too bad in the last few months leading up to the election, but will probably go back to his old ways after he wins again, which I wasn’t a fan of. Those are my thoughts as a liberal.. yours may differ, vote accordingly if you so desire.

  2. I’m not talking about who would be the better gov for CA. I just think it’s interesting that Angelides had such low support from his own rank and file.

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