Female Solidarity in Election Week

I spent Sunday at a girlfriend’s political roundtable discussion afternoon. We all brought our election guides, propaganda/election advertising, LA Weekly’s, baked goods, and boyfriends, and then settled in to review the propositions and candidates. And it helped immensely to help us all understand the positives and negatives of the initiatives on the ballot. Much like any high school class, explaining it to each other helped us understand the politics. Because while we were all in agreement to vote NO on 85, what about 87? Or the Transportation Five-Pack, 1A through 1E?

Tonight, if you’re looking for more female solidarity, there’s also an election night potluck at CODEPINK in Venice. Last minute phone partying will take place as well. And it’s a great place to find sympathy if the good guys don’t take back Congress tonight.

But whatever you do, and whichever way you’re voting, please, go out and vote today. Stand up and be counted. There are so many in this city who cannot vote and who are not citizens (including my fellow Canadian expatriates), that I feel more than ever I can’t take the vote for granted. It isn’t too late to round up your own friends or co-workers into a roundtable today, and to encourage them to vote as well. I hope to see many, many free stickers out there later today.