Downtown LA Poll Report

I have always been skeptical of electronic voting machines that don’t give you a receipt and have no paper trail, so this year I decided to vote by absentee ballot. I just noticed yesterday that I was too late to send the ballot in by mail, so instead I took my ballot down to my local polling station. I love the fact that my polling station is located only 1 block from my house, walking to vote is awesome. The Maywood Hayward Hotel / poll seemed mostly empty despite it being the lunch hour, I suppose people don’t want to use their lunch hour to vote when the law requires employers to give time for their employees to vote. If you haven’t vote yet, you still have plenty of time, the polls are open until 8pm!

Update Not only did I get my polling location’s name wrong, but I also incorrectly guessed that they would be using electronic touch screen voting, when in reality they used paper / ink ballots. Thanks Eric and Don for pointing that out.

3 thoughts on “Downtown LA Poll Report”

  1. Actually L.A. County does use paper ballots. They only use the touchscreen machines for early voting (which is why I won’t do that).

    And I don’t even have to cross the street to go vote.

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