Best. Polling. Place. Ever.

I planned to leave work a bit early today so I could get a photo of my polling place at sunset, because it was the lifeguard headquarters at Venice Beach. Seriously. I’d never been inside the building before, but even though I half expected it to contain Baywatch type props, it just looked like a giant suburban garage, right down to the washer/dryer in one corner.

Unfortunately, I ended up working on a report past sunset (curse you, daylight savings!). But it’s a very nice night to go down to the beach anyways. It’s gorgeous and warm out, even down here, and it smells like summer still. Best polling place ever.

One thought on “Best. Polling. Place. Ever.”

  1. Agreed. I live 2 blocks away and have voted here in the past 2 major elections. It’s the most stress-free voting experience I can imagine. Families with dogs, no lines, right on the beach (as compared to my parents in Colorado who endured 2-3 hours waiting in line due to electronic voting machine “server issues” – ouch).

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