Countdown to Barcamp

It’s 5 days until Los Angeles Barcamp #2 opens its doors. I’ve been spending the last couple weeks getting everything lined up and in order to have another tech-community coming together. When I moved to LA from SF I stopped having regular contact with the tech community (even though I was working at an “internet” company for a bit. I didn’t realize how much I missed this, until the introduction session at the previous barcamp in March. I knew there were tech-geeks in LA, but we were all hiding behind our monitors. Because I didn’t want to lose this connection I started organizing monthly geek dinners and finally it was time for another barcamp.

Doors open Saturday at 4pm. We’ll have wine, a DJ and electric cars, in addition to camping on astro-turf! Sessions will happen on Sunday and they will get scheduled Saturday night and Sunday morning. Click here for info and to register and spread the word far and wide.