Electric Cars Have Arrived

unknown.jpgLast month I wrote about a new dealership for electric cars in Los Angeles. Some people poo-pooed the ability to actually get an electric car in stock here. Well, I’m here to tell you, they have arrived. And if you want to see for yourself, get your bootie down to Little Radio’s grand opening tomorrow night at 7pm. Click the flyer for full details.

Need more info on LA Electric Cars? Look no further. I know I am totally going to be test driving them out, although the sexy one is still on the drawing board.

3 thoughts on “Electric Cars Have Arrived”

  1. Just remember that unless you’ve got your own bank of solar panels when you charge that electric car, thanks to our Department of Water and Power, you are burning coal in Utah. In fact, 48% of our power in LA comes from coal. So driving that electric car may make our air cleaner here in LA but I wouldn’t want to be downwind of all the coal plants it will take to keep LA’s psychotic car culture going if everyone goes electric.

    Electric cars just ain’t the answer and they don’t take care of our terrible congestion problems either.

    Do yourself, our city, and our planet a favor – ride a bike or take public transit.

  2. Henry, are you unaware of the Green Power option with the LADWP???? Any DWP cutomer can pay 3% more and get 100% of their power from renewable sources such as wind and solar.

    And LADWP just invested a buttload into building thousands of Stirling-engine powered solar collectors, hoping to boost their use of solar to 20% in the next ten years, or something like that. I have to find the e-mail to get the exact numbers. Of course if you live in WeHo or some other city dependent on “foreign” power, I have no idea whther you have the green option or not.

    Ruth, solar panels are getting cheaper all the time, and with the incentives offered by the CA government, they can pay for themselves after a few years of use, and from then on, yes, electricity IS free, for the person with a solar-panelled home.

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