Dorkbot tours Apex

Here’s another one on the “cool things to do this weekend” list. Dorkbot Socal is hosting a field trip to Apex Electronics Supply.

Apex has 10,000 square feet of unusual, unique and hard to find items: it’s got all of the usual surplus items as well as helicopter cockpits, missiles, and odd scientific and industrial equipment.

I’ve not made it to a dorkbot meeting (for some reason I only thought they were in San Francisco until a few months ago), but I spent many hours of my jaded midwest teen age youth taking apart electronics. In addition, I’m one of the office supply porn people. In addition to reams of paper and mega packs of writing utensils, racks of random used machines, equipment and random junkyard bits get me wet.

Click here for all the details. Please don’t go looking for me if I appear to get “lost” from the group. ;)

ps. For some reason the Apex site appears to be down. :(

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