Borat Movie

Ok, so it looks like the Borat Movie is playing in a bunch of locations in LA proper. I suppose I will be seeing the movie at the grove. I still am bummed that it won’t be playing at the Arclight.

Update Argh. The wife and I went to see the movie at the Burbank AMC right after we got back from the Observatory. The movie was hilarious. Very funny, I liiiike. The movie theater and the obnoxious kids that I had to shout “Shut the fuck up and stop kicking my fucking chair” really put a damper on the whole experience. They seemed to be High School age, so I’m not really sure how they got in to an R rated movie, but that is beside the point. After my outburst they were silent throughout the film. Afterwards they were waiting for me outside, but I guess they decided not to say anything. I do not condone violence, but I will defend myself if need be. The whole experience reaffirmed our unspoken commitment to only watch movies at the Arclight.

2 thoughts on “Borat Movie”

  1. I’d take Century City over the Grove any time. Parking is easier, traffic is easier, and given the horror stories I’ve heard about service at the Grove, (and the ease with which I’ve been in and out at Century City), it’s no contest.


  2. Viva La Vista! parking can be a bit of a bitch, best bet is Clayton (avoid Rosalia its ALL permit after 6 and on weekends), but Vista has mucho leg room, fresh popcorn and the movie is fuggin funny. ONLY wish I had not seen all the previews but I still got my monies worth.

    now where can I buy my souvenir wedding sack?

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