Everyone Wants To Live At The Beach

beach.jpgLast week, our shady Russian landlord called me to ask if I would do him a favor, and help rent the studio that adjoins our apartment. In exchange, he’d credit me some cash towards my rent, and not issue a new lease until I move out next year. Sounded like a deal to me, so I took the responsibility, and put up an ad on Craigslist.

The studio is $900 – and it is a studio. One room. And I’ve still had seventy one responses. I’m actually surprised by this, because I never expected this kind of deluge of responses. Not for a beach neighborhood apartment in November. But then again, even though we suspect the building is held together with duct tape, my roomate and I still moved in because we loved the neighborhood. And reading the email responses today, it seems that seventy-one other people do as well. I just wonder if they’ll love it as much once they realize that it’s a fairly small studio in a cheaply assembled building. Maybe I should put that in the ad to at least slow the deluge pouring into my gMail. Or maybe I should just add that the reason we need another week before showing it is because it will need to be aired out to rid it of the smell of the skunkweed my soon to be neighbor insisted on smoking.

However, many of the responses were from people who had lived in Venice, and wanted to come back, people who already lived with roomates and wanted a place of their own, or people who just really want to live in Venice. And hearing so many people express their enthusiasm for my own neighborhood has made me open my eyes again, and look at all the things I started to take for granted after being in the area for a few months. Even the coolest neighborhoods can be taken for granted if you’re complacent enough.

DO NOT leave comments if you think you’re going to be the seventy-second applicant, by the way. Track me down via email and/or my personal blog instead – this post is actually to remark on how surprised I am at the response I’ve gotten, not to shill the studio on MetBlogging.

(Photo is of Venice Beach in summertime, the place that is the draw for so many people that live there – or just want to)

7 thoughts on “Everyone Wants To Live At The Beach”

  1. I’m with Annika. But even though I don’t like the beach, I don’t think I could live anywhere that is landlocked, like the Midwest… I love Hollywood, but its as inland as I prefer to go.

  2. I think venice is just a cool neighboorhood, theres good people, a cool scene. i worked at brooks and main for 8 months and fell in love with the area. but it fucking sucks during the winter, floods and cold. But i’d still take this single. 900 in LA for a single really isn’t that bad now.

  3. Actually, in my opinion, Venice does not suck in the winter. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. The weather can actually be pretty balmy, usually approaching 70 during the day and rarely ever going below the mid-50’s.

    Most of the tourists are gone and the beach, boardwalk and parking start to open up. You actually start to miss the crazieness after awhile. Then it’s nice when the we get some warmer weather on the weekend or a holiday and you see a few more people head to the beach & boardwalk.

    There’s nothing like having the beach to yourself on a warm winters day.

    On second thought, it really does suck in the winter. I recomend staying away. : )

  4. Never thought I’d say this, but $900 would seem to be a great price for a single. In Hollywood, singles are going for like $1250. Shockingly expensive compared to most cities (except maybe NY, Boston).

    Generally, I always say POST PICTURES with your ads on Craigslist. It’s better for all involved. You won’t waste your time showing the place to people who wouldn’t be interested once they saw the condition of the apartment, and they won’t waste their time either.

    Otherwise, the imagination takes over, and people think they will be living in a modern open-space single, with a sunset beach view sipping wine with bikini-clad super models.

  5. Ahhh, the beach. Parking’s a bitch, Starbucks clogs every corner and the salty air and fog conspire to make your car a horror show the day after you spend 15 bucks on a car wash… But hey – it’s da beach! Venice particularly has still managed to be truly funky while avoiding the most banal effects of “gentrification”. I think that’s why I like Venice Beach. I’m Downtown, but when I go to the beach, it’s usually Venice, Santa Monica or Long Beach (though LBC doesn’t have a “real” beach). I certainly don’t have that semi-obsessive, semi-fanatical desire to LIVE at the beach, and I don’t really like the touristy crap all over the place bastardizing the community, but it is a unique area and well worth 900 bills for a shack to a whole lot of people – especially those from the Midwest it seems!

  6. Re – David’s comment… LOL!!!! I have a friend who refused to date a guy because he lived too far from the beach and she said she didn’t want to drive that far. So now she’s been with a guy who lives right across the street from the beach. By the way, she lives in Santa Monica. The first guy lives in Los Feliz. Her current beach-adjacent BF lives in… Oceanside!!! (No, he’s not a Marine – THAT might make some sense). Go figure. Only in LA… (well, actually, NOT in LA).

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