getting out of the house

noswimmin.jpgIn five months as a mother, I’ve discovered that most days it’s easier to not leave the house. Not because going places with a baby is hard – most places are pretty easy to bring Sam along – but because I have very few commitments outside my home and it’s hard to think of unnecessary things to do with him. It is especially difficult on a budget of $0 (for instance, I keep meaning to check out the Monday Morning Mommy Movie at the Grove but only think of it on weeks with no bank balance).

Last week we finally took advantage of our zoo membership (one year is $55 for a couple, children under 2 free) and brought Sammy to see the animals. He was relatively unimpressed, but we got outside in the fresh air and got some exercise while spending time together, so I cannot complain. The zoo has loads of things for older children – a petting area, the nursery, information about every animal, and educational programs to boot.

Also, they have alligators:


Yes, that’s real. I wish I’d had something for scale, but the baby refused to climb down into the habitat. I assure you, it was enormous.

More pictures follow the cut.