Rediscovering West Hollywood

carwash.jpgWhen I moved to LA almost five years ago, it was to live with my boyfriend (now my husband) who’d come out west ahead of me. He was living in a studio in West Hollywood. It was a crappy little place with no stove (seriously, no stove) and we somehow managed to live in it for another eight months without killing each other. Yeah, the apartment stank. Sadly, it wasn’t my worst apartment, but that’s a story for another blog as that apartment was in Chicago. On the plus side, the neighborhood rocked. We were literally around the corner from Barney’s Beanery. There was great Italian in every direction, stuff to do at night if you were so inclined (we usually weren’t, and the Sunset Strip gives me hives, so the location wasn’t perfect), and the best Thai carryout in Los Angeles: Sammy’s Thai BBQ.

So, I had to wash my car. It wasn’t just dirty. It was greasy. It was grey. (My car is red.) I couldn’t see through the windshield after dark. A coin-op car wash wasn’t going to cut it, so I went to the best full-service car wash I know of: Santa Palm Hand Wash on Santa Monica. Yes, I paid $22 to get my car cleaned. Yes, I am aware of how much less I could get it done for. But my car is so clean.

After the car was clean, we drove east and stopped at Sammy’s for curry. My Sammy (the baby) was very popular with the two ladies who were working. One spoke no English and the other even less, and my order wasn’t quite right, but the food is so amazing that I didn’t care at all that I got red curry with veggies instead of yellow curry with tofu. And we got to meet the Sammy, as the ladies could not work the credit card machine. (Lest this sound like the most untogether food place in all of LA, it was an off-hour and it took Sammy only three minutes to get there when he was summoned. And I did point at the menu when ordering, which probably led to the curry mix-up.)

I’ve had it with K-town. If we can ever afford to move, I’m thinking about WeHo.

4 thoughts on “Rediscovering West Hollywood”

  1. What’s wrong with K-town? Now you’ve got to call it blogging.weho, because WeHo’s not in city limits hah.

  2. If you want to get all technical, it’s IN city limits, just not PART of the city. But you knoiw what? Getting that technical is really boring.

  3. i agree, weho is where its at. no matter what you’re into, gay, straight, expensive, cheap, loud, quiet, its all there. it’s also nicely centrally located between downtown, the beach, the valley, hollywood, westwood, etc. and its one of the most walkable areas of LA. highly recommended!

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