Please Don’t Smell the Water

I’ve always felt that my water should look clear, smell like air and taste like…..well, water. Maybe then there is a modicum of believing it won’t kill you.
Last night as I was washing my face, I couldn’t believe how STRONG the smell of chlorine was on my skin. I thought maybe I’d imbibed too much at dinner and was overly sensitive. This morning, there was no mistake, somehow the water out of the taps in Hollywood is like a clorox bottle. Then at the gym, once again, as I walked by someone taking a shower, there it was again, that unmistakably strong chlorine odor. I tried the Dept of Water and Power, but no clues there. I have to call back Monday. Does anybody else notice this? I wonder what gives? It makes me think that whatever is swimming around in our water supply has to be REALLY bad for them to add this much chlorine!

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