Franklin Avenue On The Telly wife Susan and I are HGTV junkies so of course she had it tuned in last night while I was out riding bikes (and generally commisserating with Eric of Blogdowntown who gave up trying to keep his front tire inflated after the fourth flat in something like 16 miles and hitched a welcome ride home fellow rider and’er 5000!’s car).

Well it just so happened that during the intro to the channel’s “What is My House Worth?” show Susan spied none other than Franklin Avenue’s Mike and Maria (pictured at right just after a cameo by their “Blogger Toddler” and prognosticationalist extraordinaire Evan) getting their adorable Glendale house evaluated by various real estate and repair professionals. Thankfully my wonderful wife pounced on the record button and put the TiVo to work saving it for me to watch at my convenience… which was just a few minutes ago.

Anyway, I now know more about Mike and Maria’s house and its drainage/foundation issues than they’d probably want me to, but they and their 800-square-foot abode look great — even moreso after they got the news of its substantial worth. Congrats!

4 thoughts on “Franklin Avenue On The Telly”

  1. Damn, I guess I shoulda known someone would see this! We did this as a favor to a friend/ex-coworker of mine, who’s a producer on the show. And in case any of you are wondering, we weren’t paid a cent or given any sort of gift/service of any kind…

  2. I actually contacted them about being on that same show but I never heard back. They must’ve decided two bloggers was one too many.

  3. Pshhh, whatever Mike. You’re a media ho! First the Glendale News-Press, then the LAT, now this!!!! When is it going to stop, Mike? When?!!!

    And dang, you should have at least got a T-shirt!

  4. Don’t forget Nov. 21, 2001: Mike and Maria get engaged at the Pershing Square ice skating rink. Channels 4 and 5 put it on their newscasts! (That one the rink did without me knowing; of course, being the media whore I am, I didn’t object — it made for a cool momento from what was obviously one of the best days of my life!)

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