Saturday Afternoon: Flannel Cakes At Musso’s


There are times I consider myself a half-assed native angelonian, or at least a glacially paced one. I’ve known about Musso & Frank’s practically all my upright life, but it took me some 37 years of it before I set foot inside for the first time a few years back. And ever since good ol’ Huell Howser did one of his “Visiting With…” shows on the Hollywood landmark way back in something like 1994 and marveled over the eatery’s history as well as its signature flannel cakes I’ve been jonesing for a plate of ’em ever since.

Well today was finally that day, prompted in part by recent talk among th IAAL‚Ä¢MAF ranks of doing a full-dress Musso’s Martini Ride sometime soon, and coordinated as a prelude to a visit for Halloween stuff to the Hollywood Toy & Costume Shop across the street that Heather posted about a few days ago. We opted to sit at the long counter rather than a booth.

Some things to know should you go: 1) Parking in the lot behind Musso’s is only $2.25 with a validation from the restaurant and there is a rear entrance to the place that takes you down a few steps and past the kitchen into the dim rear of the dining room making it a a bit reminiscent of a condensed version of the long tracker scene in “Goodfellas.” 2)Though Musso’s serves breakfast around the clock, they stop serving flannel cakes at 3 p.m. 3) Everything at the place is a la carte. So if you just want flannel cakes ($6) that’s all you’ll get. The wife and I shared orders of bacon (four crispity strips for $3.25) and hashbrowns (enough for two at $4.75). For whatever reason iced teas run $2.75 a piece. In other words the place ain’t easy on the wallet nor should it have to be — it’s Musso & Frank.

Having had a life-long love affair with pancakes (my faves are at the Pantry downtown), I definitely savored Musso’s take. You get a stack of three but “stack” isn’t quite the right descriptive as they’re wafer thin almost like crepes. But despite their wafer thin appearance, they’re very substantial and flavorful too.

Flickr photoset of the restaurant can be viewed here.