You on TV?!

latv.jpgAlthough I’m not interested in being on TV, if you have such desire, the opportunity is here and the time is now. yourLA is looking for original video content for their daily segment on life in LA. Submit your video on any aspect or experience of living in LA (it has to be half-way decent content and quality) and you’re almost guaranteed to have your 5 minutes of fame.

What are you waiting for? Get that video camera out!

4 thoughts on “You on TV?!”

  1. Gotta love networks not wanting to spend money on actually producing anything worthwile themselves, so they just ask people to send there stuff in. Community journalism it isn’t.

  2. Actually I don’t feel like it’s that at all. You could say that it’s a network trying to be cheap, but I think they’re trying to involve the community to get a different look from the “standard big company” BS view. I may be wrong though….

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