“they’re here” . . . this weekend

When I was a kid, I lived in a tract home, with an under construction pool, a tree outside my bedroom window, recovering hippie parents, and a younger sister who had a big clown at the foot of her bed.

Yeah, Poltergeist wasn’t just a scary movie for me; it was a freakin’ documentary.

That film terrifies me at 34 as much as it did when I first saw it at 11, in the middle of the afternoon, no less, via the top-loading VCR in the den, thanks to my dad who had recorded it off ON TV.

Well. This Saturday at midnight, the Rialto Theater in South Pasadena — one of the very few remaining single screen movie houses in the city, and the place where I saw Rocky Horror about a thousand times during high school — is running Poltergest.

Poltergeist, at midnight, in one of my favorite theaters, ever. For nine bucks.


I am totally going into the light.

2 thoughts on ““they’re here” . . . this weekend”

  1. Wil,

    You bring back many memories for me. My buddies and I would visit the Rialto Theater every weekend, thirty three years ago. Really shocked it remains in place.

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