In Vernon, Your Vote Counts

Industrial Mural

So after many months of legal battles, Vernon will finally be counting the votes in their disputed April 11th election. Hanging chads weren’t to blame in the ultra-industrial City of Vernon’s election, but instead a whopping 8 new voters who moved in to the city about a year ago. The problem with moving in to Vernon, is that there aren’t actually any residential areas, except for the houses for the city officials, which are located right next to Vernon’s City Hall / police station. The other problem with moving in to Vernon, is that the folks in power have been in power for generations, and they don’t like they idea of anybody else being in control of their fine, sausage-scented city.

So basically, the city officials went to court, amongst other more nefarious acts, to throw out the ballots of these 8 voters, 3 of whom were running for city council. As it turns out the judge threw the voter fraud case out of court and the… wait for it… whole fucking 70 votes will now be counted. I am guessing that will be a rather short process. I don’t care how bassackwards Vernon’s political structure is, I still love riding my bike through there, plus it looks really cool from above.

One thing I want to know is why isn’t the Times all over this shit and instead I find it on the AP wire via Mercury News out of San Jose?

Update The Times finally has a piece about what is going on with the ballots in Vernon, but it is even shorter than what the AP has… way to go LAT!.

3 thoughts on “In Vernon, Your Vote Counts”

  1. the mess in vernon was covered in LA Times several times in the last couple months. im sure they will get to it.

  2. Yes I am sure that someday they will get to it and cover it, like they covered the other Vernon stuff, but my point was, why is the AP wire scooping them on it?

  3. Oh… the Chicago LA Times??? Welllll… I’ve been trying real hard to not see the paper that way, but things like this really make me wonder. When Times Mirror sold to ChiTribune I knew it was going to be a problem. Methinks this is just the beg-inning. Soon enough there will be an effort spearheaded by one or more of our LA mover-shaker types to wrest “our” paper back. Hopefully by then the LAT will still be a viable business entity.

    As for Vernon… yes, we have a few gerrymandered, unnaturally low population cities around here, set up precisely to maximize tax revenue and limit political adventurism (yeah, right). Vernon may be the most notorious, but Industry, Commerce (ever wonder why they are named thus…), Santa Fe Springs and Irwindale largely follow suit. Vernon has been a feifdom for generations, and yes, the LAT has done a good job of covering this latest bout of nastiness – back when it was the LOS ANGELES Times.

    Oh, and yeah, Vernon offers the best surface street alternative out of Downtown heading southeast. You know what I’m talking about. Now don’t go clogging up my shortcut!

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