Flowing With The Glow


Neither rain nor Friday the 13th nor the both together are things that’d make me miss a Midnight Ridazz. Instead I excused myself from last night’s ride because it coincided with the reservations my wife Susan and I had for theMuseum of Neon Art’s Neon Cruise, something I’d long been wanting to do.

This sold-out special L.A. Observed edition began with me finally getting to meet LAO’s Kevin Roderick followed by a wine-and-cheese stroll through the museum’s exceptional collection of illuminated things before stepping outside and aboard a modified old double-decker bus to brave the inclement weather and the unluckiest of days for an exploration of the city from its open-air top floor that included stops at Philippe’s for some french-dip sammich goodness and later at Canter’s for coffee. The journey from downtown through Hollywood and back was well complemented by the colorfully enthusiastic and informed narration of Eric “Don’t get me started on back-lit plastic or loft housing” Lynxwiler that not only showcased some of the brightest lights in the big city, but a lot of its history as well.

I’d label this a must-do be you visitor or native. Unfortunately what you also must do is wait until summer 2007 for the next available tour as the last two scheduled for this year are booked solid. In the meantime, pix from the excursion can be viewed here.