Tom LaBonge Spanks Dr. Phil

dr%20phil.jpgClearly, District 4 Councilman Tom LaBonge wasn’t out to make friends this week. His weekly newsletter reports the expansion of red light cameras into CD4 at Western Avenue and Beverly Boulevard (if you’re ever snagged by one of these bad boys, refer to Highway Robbert dot net).

But the bigger news is that LaBonge “evicted” the Dr. Phil from “Dr. Phil’s House” on Detroit Street off Miracle Mile for running an “unlawful production”:

Dr. Phil, the television personality, may have legions of fans across the country but not on the 800 block of S. Detroit Street in the Miracle Mile. This is where he set up an unlawful production facility to film “The Dr. Phil House” at a duplex zoned for residential use until Councilmember LaBonge and staff alerted city building and safety and FilmLA officials to shut the operation down. Neighbors on the street complained that cast and crew overran the neighborhood, was disruptive and parked production vehicles up and down the street, among other unwanted activities.

As of this writing, Dr. Phil’s website is still featuring “Dr. Phil’s House” on the main page with the ironic tagline, “To Move On, You’ve Got To Move In.”

More from LaBonge’s office after the jump…

“We want to support film production in Los Angeles, but this particular production company was subverting the process,” said Councilmember LaBonge. Dr. Phil, who purchased the property and outfitted it for film purposes, clocked in 17 film days during July and when the month was over, applied for additional short-term film permits. Officials determined that the operation was thus commercial and out of compliance with its R2-1-0 zoning. Tom Griep, a neighbor on Detroit, documented the multiple infractions, which greatly helped officials build its case against Dr. Phil. “In CD4, the quality of life in our neighborhoods trumps celebrity,” said Councilmember LaBonge.

2 thoughts on “Tom LaBonge Spanks Dr. Phil”

  1. Let’s see. This is the same Dr. Phil who agreed to pay some $10 million in a lawsuit over the (in)effectiveness of his “Shape Up!” diet plan, right? Why yes, it is.

    I bet it still doesn’t stop PBS from using him to raise money.

  2. Hoo boy. I lived on that block for about 7 years, starting in 1992. I’ll bet Dr. Phil & co thought they could get away w/ it b/c it’s semi-commercial and seems transient. Good for the neighborhood for banding together!

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