Just a little Patience… mmmm

So, no… I didn’t go see Axl’s cover band that he’s calling “Guns N’ Roses” play at that KROQ Inland Invasion thingy. It was Axl’s first LA show in 15 years and from what I heard they went on two hours late (surprise) which pissed people off enough to light shit on fire and start mini riots. The fires were probably WAY cooler than the eight guys trying to play Slash’s guitar parts… Anyhoo, here’s where I’m going with this… I just uploaded this bitchin’ video I shot of a random kid doing a pretty killer version of Patience down on Hollywood Blvd. Yeah, I used “bitchin” & “killer” in the same sentence… so what? Check it freaks.

6 thoughts on “Just a little Patience… mmmm”

  1. i kept waiting for the part where the car drives up onto the sidewalk and kills every single one of those fucking mongoloids. hey, sean patrick kinney. you’re a dead motherfucker…

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