Breaking: Plane Crashes Into NYC Highrise

Metroblogging New York is giving frequent updates on the breaking news from New York:

Holy crap! At about 2:45 pm, a small plane or helicopter (they still aren’t sure) crashed into an apartment building on the Upper East Side.

CNN is reporting there is no indication that this is a terrorist attack, although the FAA is on high alert:

NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) said it had put fighter aircraft into the air over numerous U.S. cities, though they said they had no reason to believe the event in New York was anything more than an accident, sources told CNN’s Barbara Starr.

No indication whether or not if military jets are patrolling over Los Angeles, but if anyone sees or hears of anything, please drop word in the comments.

UPDATE: Reports are that New York Yankee’s pitcher Cory Lidle was the pilot and owner of the plane. First responders found his passport in the street near the crash. (via CNN)