Silent Movie Theatre to be Eerily Silent no more being closed for three months, the Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax is back open with new owners, and in time to present a Halloween lineup of films.

Titles include the 1920 version of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (with Devil Music Ensemble providing a live soundtrack), Un Chien Andalou, Faust (1926), Lon Chaney in The Penalty, Harold Lloyd comedies Number, Please? and Haunted Spooks, that German Dracula knockoff Nosferatu, the 1929 Phantom of the Opera, and Buster Keaton in Haunted House.

While all the above films are from the silent era, the new proprietors are may be bringing in some talkies:

Dan Harkham (and) brother Sammy Harkham bought the theater in June. After initially planning to add sound films and reopen in mid-August, the new owners found they needed more time to adjust equipment. Dan Harkham says they’ll mix in sound programming later this year or in early 2007. (source: LA Times)

(h/t Karie Bible at Film Radar)