Jose Gonzalez and Death Vessel at the Vista

bravia.jpgTomorrow night the Vista Theater will play host to a rock show instead of its normal cinematic fare. How that came about is completely beyond me, but the show features Jose Gonzalez and Death Vessel. You may’ve heard of Jose Gonzalez because not only is he totally awesome but his cover of the Knife’s “Heartbeats” was featured in the most beautiful commercial ever. (watch Sony’s Bravia commercial here be careful though, I watched it like 4 billion times one day.) Hailing from Norway Sweden (but of Argentinean descent) and armed with but a guitar and his voice, Jose Gonzalez has been blowing up among the indie-kids and “influential tastemakers” all over the country. He’s got a website streaming his songs or you can just scroll to the bottom and grab the track I’ve got posted.

Opening for Mr. Gonzalez is one of my favorite bands ever, Death Vessel. Their debut record “Stay Close” dropped last year and was easily one of my favorites. Its neo-traditional folk leanings sound unlike anything else that I’ve heard coming out in recent years. I’ve seen many a double-take when I tell people I’m playing the record for that main-man Joel Thidodeau is a man. His voice is this amazingly emotive soprano and upon first listen is easily confused with a small child. Holy crap is it awesome too. It’s a generally laid-back record full of fiddles, organs, mandolins with the more typical acoustic guitars and drum sets. I’ve posted two tracks below, you can also check the website. If you don’t like this band I might punch you in the face.

Death Vessel – Mandian Dink (This song is so good. Seriously.)
Death Vessel – Deep in the Horchata
Jose Gonzalez – Stay in the Shade

The show is Thursday at 7, open to all ages. Tickest – $20.
(photo from Sony’s Bravia ads, featuring Jose Gonzalez)

(Muchmag points out in the comments that I’m a jackass and Jose is from Sweden not Norway! Why I wrote Norway is beyond me, but crap, he is SO from Sweden. Thanks MM)

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