No more dog chaining!

So much email today! I just got another one, informing me that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed SB 1578, a law limiting the number of hours a dog can be chained.

Granted, contextually this is a small issue, but I still think it’s important.

This law will undoubtedly save many animals’ lives and reduce unnecessary suffering. It will also increase public safety since chained dogs are more likely to be aggressive and bite than dogs who are not chained. SB 1578 is landmark legislation that sets an example for other states to follow.
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From abLA :: I call it ORANGES

Los Angeles has another Chicago transplant with Ed Schad who just so happens to have his own blog – I call it ORANGES. I met with Ed last Saturday and he told me that the blog will contain theator and book reviews in addition to art reviews. For this I am grateful because the one thing Los Angeles needs is more reviews, more reviews, more reviews!…continue reading

LA’s Horror Movie Schedule for October

Sure, October’s days away still, but I just got an email with this nifty schedule of all the horror movies playing around in October, so here goes:

Rialto Theatre:

The Lost Boys
Sat, Oct 7

Nuart Theatre:

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining
Fri, Oct 20

Aero Theatre:

Wednesday, October 25
(my birthday!)

Thursday, October 26

Friday, October 27

Saturday, October 28

New Beverly Cinema:

October 29, 30, 31

Fright Night (1985) Sun: 3:30 & 7:30; Mon/Tue: 7:30
Friday the 13th (1980) Sun: 5:35 & 9:35; Mon/Tue: 9:35

Egyptian Theatre:

Tuesday, October 31
7:30 PM

Followed by a Halloween Party in the Courtyard. Spirited
Beverages, Treats, Candlelight Tours of the Haunted Egyptian Theatre,
Costume Contest and the chance to sing with live band S.W.E.A.T.
Meet the legendary (nearly 90-year-old) founder of Famous Monsters Magazine, Forrest J. Ackerman who will sign his new “monsterography” Classic Universal along with David Marchant, author of Monsterific.

Movie & Party $20. Party Only $15. Special Member
Price for Movie & Party $15. See more details on their website.

Life Can Be So Car(e)-Free

Can I just say how excited I am for Life Can Be So Car-Free? This is, “a night of film, live music, interpretive walks, rides and fun celebrating and demonstrating Car-Free transportation choices,” happening this SATURDAY, as in the day after tomorrow, from 5 to 10pm in the evening. The event takes place after hours at the site formerly known as the Not a Cornfield, which is at 1245 N. Spring St. next to Chinatown Station, making it easily Metro accessible. And it’s a chance to be in the new park after hours, so it’s a great opportunity for a sunset picnic.

Highlights are:

  • L.A. River 101 Bicycle Tour with Joe Linton and an Interpretive Walk with Carmelo Alvarez
  • Local Bands Telematique and Triple Chicken Foot will be performing.
  • Films selected by Ashira Siegel, director of ‘Even the Girls’ Red Riding Hood Productions.

Satellite rides are also taking place from all over Los Angeles. The full event site, complete with satellite ride info, more details on the events, and the evening schedule is at’s official Life Can Be So Car Free page. This is a great chance to pick up some bike culture, listen to music and meet some really creative, outgoing cyclists, as well as check out the new state park downtown. I totally encourage everyone with a bike – or even non-cyclists who are just curious – to come on down and hang out for a while.

Final Boarding Call: IAAL•MAF Invitational Departs Tonight


Way too proud to beg, but not to remind you that the inauguvitational ride of the vaunted and revered IAAL‚Ä¢MAF rolls this evening. The why for, the where from and the what of it and be found previously announced by our leader Sean here on and also here at Come with us through the dark of night to the Dahlia’s deathbed… won’t you? Mwwwaaaahahahahahaha!

Oops… My pal Steve reminded me in the comments that I failed to mention the custom collectible slaminated spokecards available to the first 46,000 riders who show up. Or is that 46?

High Speed Chase going on right now

High Speed Chase

Tuned into the Channel 7 news at 11 to find this high speed chase already in progress. Apparently it’s been going on since about 10PM and they seem to have scrapped all the other news because this chase is the only thing they’ve shown for the last 20 minutes. In that time he’s gone from Pasadena down the 110, to the 105 east, to the 605 north and now he’s on surface streets. I guess they think this driver is a murder suspect or something, it’s really hard to tell because the anchors on Channel 7 are pretty much just making shit up at this point in order to keep talking. Seriously. “He’s in this Honda, he’s driving, he’s still driving, still in the honda, we don’t know the name of the suspect or if he has any weapons in the car with him, no word if he has a sandwich or anything else in there either, looks like he’s still driving in that honda and…” And on that note, it’s over – 11:25 the dude crashed through a fence and about 97 LAPD officers jumped out and grabbed him. That’s that.

Saturday – Swingin’ Car Show in Monrovia

[hoo BOY does it ever get big when you click it]

It’s no Burbank, but Monrovia sure can swing it too.

Witness this Saturday’s Big Event: the 16th Annual Monrovia Hot Rod & Custom Car Show.

This event is always a winner – lots of swell cars in an ideal setting. If you haven’t checked out Myrtle Ave in Old Town Monrovia you don’t know what you’re missing!

Take the 210 Freeway to the Myrtle Ave exit, then turn left at the giant bra and go north until you see a bunch of old cars….

More details on the flyer so please click it. Registration form here, but it’s too late to pre-register – sorry.

Magical History Tour


This Saturday,WAHA Presents its 16th annual tour of Angelus Rosedale Cemetery in which costumed actors portray five persons, graveside, in one of the City’s oldest, most historically significant cemeteries.

Living History Tour 2006
Angelus Rosedale Cemetery
Saturday, September 30
tours from 9 a.m. to 2:15 p.m

The Vintage Hearse Society will also be strutting their stuff for the stiffs – an event not to be missed.

Tickets are $22 general admission, $20 for WAHA members.
For additional information, call 323.732.422.
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The Emperor Of Ice Cream


I had my first taste of Scoops ice cream parlor on Heliotrope north of Melrose (a couple doors up from the Bicycle Kitchen and across the street from the new Orange 20 bike shop) last night near the conclusion of a scout ride charting what will be the course for next month’s highly anticipated Midnight Ridazz.

Congenial proprietor Tai Kim’s penchant for creating outrageously innovative frozen treats such as pomegranate with poppy seed, mango with cayenne pepper, brown bread, chocolate with black salt — even a lavender-colored “Black Dahlia” flavor made from yam and rosewater — leaves me with after-hours visions of him as some sort of mad scientist alone in the back under a bare bulb wearing a welding mask and working with ingredients in an effort to constantly expand the boundaries of the ice cream universe. How else can you explain offerings such as chocolate with wasabi, avocado with banana, olive oil with salt with Japanese pumpkin, Mentos with Diet Pepsi, or gunpowder with sweet basil?

OK, so I made those last two up — but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s experimented with them! Confections of a dangerous mind, baby!!

The fruits of his labors have appropriately garnered the hole-in-the-wall a growing and loyal customer base as well as some pretty decent coverage including a feature earlier this month on NPR, and there’s nothing much I can add to the mix other than it took me a year of knowing about the place before I set foot in it and it won’t take me another year to go back.

Scoops is at 712 N. Heliotrope Drive, 90029; Open Monday-Saturday, noon to 9 p.m. Photo of Scoops’ Tai Kim from L.A. Alternative

Santa Monica Faces the Inconvenient Truth

I went to the Santa Monica Film Festival last night to see An Inconvenient Truth. It was the very last night of the summer Movies on the Pier, which I think is one of the coolest things about Santa Monica. I love that they have the screenings in such a unique setting. I missed it, but my friends who went to the Muppet Movie last month assure me it was lots of fun.

Before the movie started though, there was a panel on global warming, and a presentation on ways that Santa Monica is working to end the problem. And the City of Santa Monica Environmental Protection site lists many ways in which Santa Monica is working to encourage a change in the habits of its residents, and trying to set an example as a more sustainable community. I’m really proud to live so close to a small city that is trying so hard. My favorite item on the list, just for creativity points, was “zero waste Farmers Markets” – use of biodegradable picnicware at the market on Sundays. Santa Monica has actually managed to shrink its biological footprint (the amount of resources it needs) in the last fifteen years – which is not an easy feat.

Inspired by this, I went looking for the City of Los Angeles environmental page, and found the Public Works site here, as well as the official City page here. L.A. is not quite as eco-active as Santa Monica, but then, it’s got an awful lot more to worry about than a small, wealthy, oceanside community. Their global climate change page is under construction, so I can’t find out what measures the City is taking – aside from labeling the Metro buses as the largest clean air fleet in the nation – to step up to the challenge. But I think that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is especially important in Los Angeles, if only because we live in a microclimate which traps pollution over the city.

More on local action after the jump – and, later today, I’ll be posting about an event that can REALLY decrease contributions to global warming.
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Divine Food at Aroma

Friday nights are kind of sacred for me and Dan aka, the love of my life. It’s the end of the week and we usually start the evening kicking back, enjoying the peace that descends when the stress of the week slips away. And yes, we might possibly partake in some helpful sacraments to bring this mellow state about. So we usually don’t make it out of the house until around 10 or 11, which means our dinner choices are slim pickins’. Always shocking to me in a city this big that after 11pm, there’s almost no place that serves good food!

But I had a plan for us. A girlfriend told me she had tried a fabulous new restaurant relatively close by, thought it was open late… Aroma Restaurant in Silverlake AND she said it wasn’t ridiculously expensive! Always good by me! We arrived around 10:25 and while the sign said it closed at 10:30, the head waiter was shaking his head, saying the chef had shut the stove off. Damn! Foiled again! I sighed and we were just leaving, when the chef/owner Edin scurried out and welcomed us into the place like we were family.
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That Satisfaction of a Tow Truck

After the earlier post about bullies at the Hollywood Bowl, I took some special pleasure in reading this post on Fightin’ Mad Mary’s blog, The Customer is Always Right:

As they were loading your car up onto the tow truck it made quite a bit of noise and the alarms went off, but you still didn’t come around to see what was going on. One of my neighbors came out and said he noticed your car parked there around 11:00pm last night. My neighbor thought you were a guest at my house, but none of my guests would block a driveway.

(link to full post with more photos)

She also gives the BONUS follow up as the fellow came back looking for his car and lamely said that he was only PARTIALLY blocking the driveway and then asked for a copy the photo as he planned on protesting the impoundment. I love a story with closure. (Well, the ultimate closure would be to hear what the judge says when he shows the photo and tries to explain the difference between his definition of partially and the parking bureau’s.)

LAA Sails Away

A click over to L.A. Observed has revealed that L.A. Alternative is folding, with this week’s issue being its last to hit the newsstands. I’ve been a regular reader since first moving to Silver Lake in 2003 and even had the pleasure of working with Managing Editor (and frequent commenter) Michele and Associate Editor Evan George on their June 9 cover feature (alongside Ryan of and I’m damn sad to see this independent voice go silent.