I’ve got gas!


A severe drop in gas prices all around, I’m happy to say, and this at my Secret Cheap Gas Station at Beverly and St Andrews.

Regular is even nearly almost not three dollars!

(And needless to say I fully support all efforts to keep the iconic and gorgeous 76 Ball in play. I won’t buy gas from any of the 76 stations that use the new “flapjack” signage.)

Catch the blips from Film Radar

If you haven’t gotten hip to Karie Bible’s Film Radar, you probably don’t want to know what great movies and film events you’ve been missing. Film Radar can be best summed as whats fallen off the radar of Moviefone and other conventional film listings.

For example, from the email I arrived late last night, I found out about the following:

• The 3-D Film Festival will run in its red/blue spectacled glory from September 8th to the 17th at the Egyptian Theatre.
• Kevin Smith takes over Cinespace on September 6th for the View Askew Film Festival.
• Midnite movie at the Rialto this Saturday is Teen Wolf!
• The ironically wordily titled 10th Annual Los Angeles International Short Film Festival is running at the Arclight from September 5th Р14th.

There’s a full calendar at the website, but I strongly recommend signing up for the Film Radar mailing list – in addition to a weekly newsletter that breaks down whats happening at the indie film theatres around town, you’ll also get occasional invites for free, advance screenings.

‘It’s UCS For Me!’

This satirical video (Digg) about Universal Studios Hollywood and the Universal corporate umbrella, while a bit on the lengthy side, is a great way to kick off that Labor Day Weekend:

When Edgar Bronfman Jr gained ownership of Universal Studios he got into some odd marketing campaign practices.

One of which is this rare, employee orientation video, that enlightened people about how things were going to change under new management.

It was comissioned to be written and directed by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and it was, and Jr. didn’t like it, so they scrapped it.

I’m leaving out the list of cameos, but trust me, they include several current and former A-listers.

UPDATE: Zap2it posted an interview with Trey Parker: “Parker said that he and Stone were paid by Universal Studios to create ‘Your Studio and You’ in 1996, shortly after the studio had been purchased by Seagrams. … At that time, Parker said, both he and Stone were complete Hollywood unknowns and were sleeping on the floor of a friend’s apartment. In fact, it would be a few months before most of the world would see the duo’s immensely popular cartoon ‘The Spirit of Christmas,’ which featured a fight to the death between Santa Claus and Jesus and ultimately led to the ‘South Park’ cartoon on Comedy Central and the movie ‘South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut.'”

Suicide Girls looking for Model Manager

sg_logo.gifIt’s mid afternoon Friday, and chances are at this point you are sick of the crap you’ve been dealing with all week and are wishing you had different crap to deal with. You might even be ready to quit and go find so new crap right away, which, if that is the case, I’ve totally got some crap you could deal with. Our friends over at Suicide Girls just let us know they are looking for a new Model Manager. Basically a Model Wrangler, but “Manager” is a much nicer word. The full job description is after the jump, so if you are super organized and think making sure suicide girls are where they need to be when they need to be is the kind of crap you’d rather be dealing with then whatever crap you currently deal with, then check it out. There is a contact in the extended entry too.
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Sasha Grey Needs Your Help…


A 18 year-old L.A.-based pornstar named Sasha Grey needs your help:

When Im not fucking my young brains out on camera and in my personal life I like to hunt down hard to find, out of print or foreign release only DVDs, at the moment Ive been on a tragic expedition to find Three out print Criterion releases Salo , The Harder They Come and Sid and Nancy if anyone is privy to how I might obtain any of those films please let me know.

Out-of-print Criterion DVDs that are authentic (as opposed to imported bootlegs) can often command hundreds of dollars from cinemaphiles and collectors. Indeed, their Salo DVD has sold for upwards of $700.00, according to a friend of mine who’s a collector.

Checking recent eBay auctions:

  • Salo: $550.00 (used, sold August 18th from Illinois)
  • The Harder They Come: $51.38 (new & sealed, sold August 20th from Essex, U.K.)
  • Sid & Nancy: $152.50 (new & sealed, sold August 24th from North Carolina)

Ouch! Well, those of you who can help her out are more than welcome to do so.

More after the jump.
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“Idiocracy” Escapes

My dad likes to make the old joke, “That movie was so bad, it wasn’t released, it escaped.” Value judge-ments aside (pun intended – I am my father’s son after all), Mike Judge’s long-delayed “Idiocracy” is in limited release starting today. The suits at Fox have decided to use a cutting-edge release strategy that involve NO ADVERTISING. Seriously. It’s in limited release in a few cities, including L.A.

The best part is this – go to moviefone.com and look up Idiocracy. No hits. Not a sausage. You have to look up “Untitled Mike Judge Comedy.

I guess the folks at Fox have ditched the TPS Reports in favor of the WTF Reports.

Do I sense a b.la field trip? Everybody bring their red staplers.

EFF’s Jason Schultz speaks at USC next Tuesday

jasonschultzeffshot.jpgCory Doctorow is running a public speaker series on copyright, culture and technology in conjunction with his Fulbright Chair at USC’s Annenberg Center on Public Diplomacy, and next Tuesday EFF’s Jason Schultz will be first speaker. Cory points out that regular Boing Boing readers will recognize Jason Schultz as a frequent commentator on legal issues and he’s also the lead on EFF’s patent-busting project and has one of the most interesting lawblogs out there. The talk is free and open to the public at the USC Annenberg Center, room 207, 3502 Watt Way, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0281 on Tuesday, September 5, 7PM-9PM. It’s also on Upcomming in case you want to set yourself up some reminders.

Battle Of Los Angeles 2006 Update…


As mentioned in late July, the locally-based Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (MySpace, LA Times profile) holds its annual tournament, “Battle of Los Angeles,” this weekend at the American Legion Post #308 in Reseda.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there are some changes in the line-up:

There are some replacements in this weekend’s Battle of Los Angeles. Bryan Danielson is out with a separated shoulder and will be replaced by Rocky Romero. However, the tournament has changed. Danielson vs. Austin Aries on 9/2 has changed to Aries vs. Disco Machine. Disco vs. Colt Cabana on 9/1 has changed to Cabana vs. Chris Sabin. Sabin vs. Roderick Strong on 9/1 has changed to Strong vs. Romero

Tonight’s show starts at 8:00 PM (with Saturday’s show starting at 8:00 PM and Sunday’s show starting at 5:00 PM), and while 300 of the 400 tickets available have already sold out, “remaining tickets will be sold at the door on a first-come, first-served basis.”

(Photo of Disco Machine by Renard Garr.)

UPDATE: Results from Friday’s show here, Saturday’s show here, and Sunday’s show here.

First Fridays (September 2006): A Deadly Reminder

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/09/Cerritos_Air_Disaster-thumb.jpgLast month Councilman Tom LaBonge held a press conference “challenging residents
to reinvigorate observance of First Fridays to better prepare for a large-scale catastrophe like an earthquake.”

“The need for preparedness is more important than ever,” said Councilmember LaBonge citing 9/11 and the fact the San Andreas fault runs through major population centers of Southern California.

Today is undoubtedly an ideal First Friday to launch this, as we’re reminded by anniversaries of a number disasters. One week from Monday is, of course, the five year anniversary of 9/11, and this past Tuesday marked one year since Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast. And on a local front, 20 years ago yesterday was the worst airline disaster in Los Angeles history.

On August 31, 1986, an AeroMexico flight preparing to land at LAX was hit by a small Piper airplane. The three passengers on the Piper were killed instantly, and the remains of the plane fell onto the playground of Cerritos Elementary School – fortunately, this was a Sunday and no one one the ground there was hurt. However, the AeroMexico DC-9 had lost control and crashed in a residential neighborhood between the 91 and 5 freeways, killing all 64 on board and 15 others on the ground. Ensuing fires destroyed eleven homes and damaged seven others. (source: Notable California Aviation Disasters)
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