We’re Number One!


Just when it seems all’s going well — or at least better — along comes the news that the Los Angeles basin has climbed back to the top as the nation’s smog capital, beating out rivals Houston and the San Joaquin Valley for that distinction:

“As of Sept. 27, the southland exceeded the federal ozone health standard on 86 days, compared with 83 days during 2005 and 88 days in 2004, according to the South Coast Air Quality Management District.”

Houston rang up only a measly 34 days, while the San Joaquin Valley missed it by that much with 82. Even with the strictest air-quality requirments L.A. is proof you can’t keep bad airborne particulate matter down.

One thought on “We’re Number One!”

  1. I live in Houston although I used to live in Santa Monica in the seventies. I hate to say it but I am glad Houston is no longer the pollution leader. In West Houston there really isn’t much smog anyway. The land is flat around here so the pollution has a way to escape. Most of it is in the East part of Houston.

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