Saturday – Swingin’ Car Show in Monrovia

[hoo BOY does it ever get big when you click it]

It’s no Burbank, but Monrovia sure can swing it too.

Witness this Saturday’s Big Event: the 16th Annual Monrovia Hot Rod & Custom Car Show.

This event is always a winner – lots of swell cars in an ideal setting. If you haven’t checked out Myrtle Ave in Old Town Monrovia you don’t know what you’re missing!

Take the 210 Freeway to the Myrtle Ave exit, then turn left at the giant bra and go north until you see a bunch of old cars….

More details on the flyer so please click it. Registration form here, but it’s too late to pre-register – sorry.

4 thoughts on “Saturday – Swingin’ Car Show in Monrovia”

  1. SWEET GARLIC in Old Town Monrovia is the best THAI food in San Gabriel Valley andor LA County. bold statement but I stand behind it. (and the owners are really nice). they do a sizzling chicken spinach thing that is death row worthy.

  2. yeah…so i went to Sweet Garlic today because i work about three blocks away and saw the above post. the food was quite amazing and was very reasonably priced. the bad news, i asked my waitress for a to-go menu and she responded they didn’t have any because they are closing next month…so i suggest getting your fix in now, just so you can live the rest of your life knowing how good that one time was…

  3. for what its worth I ate there tonight, still great food and good news they are moving to Pasadena.

    Thai lovers rejoice

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