High Speed Chase going on right now

High Speed Chase

Tuned into the Channel 7 news at 11 to find this high speed chase already in progress. Apparently it’s been going on since about 10PM and they seem to have scrapped all the other news because this chase is the only thing they’ve shown for the last 20 minutes. In that time he’s gone from Pasadena down the 110, to the 105 east, to the 605 north and now he’s on surface streets. I guess they think this driver is a murder suspect or something, it’s really hard to tell because the anchors on Channel 7 are pretty much just making shit up at this point in order to keep talking. Seriously. “He’s in this Honda, he’s driving, he’s still driving, still in the honda, we don’t know the name of the suspect or if he has any weapons in the car with him, no word if he has a sandwich or anything else in there either, looks like he’s still driving in that honda and…” And on that note, it’s over – 11:25 the dude crashed through a fence and about 97 LAPD officers jumped out and grabbed him. That’s that.

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  1. anybody remember that late great tv show “Its like, you know”? art imitates life imates art.. since moving to LA I love me some tv car chases

  2. anybody remember that late great tv show “Its like, you know”? art imitates life imates art.. since moving to LA I love me some tv car chases

  3. Well isn’t that just the most perfect synopsis of news “reporting” in Los Angeles? Real information is meaningless, what matters is entertainment.
    Next time anyone wants to get publicity for their protest or event, just drive a car extra fast, evade police, and direct it towards the location of said event. Make sure to do it within the timeframe of the “newscasts”, you’ll get plum coverage, otherwise it’s some 20 second blip, what’s the fun in that? EL CHAVO!

  4. Actually, I used to love watching car chases. I subscribed to the PursuitAlert service, but they’ve been having problems for a while and I haven’t received a message from them in a long time (the last pursuit they sent text messages for was January of this year). Sinc ethen, I haven’t been able to catch them on TV. If you want real news you watch Channel 4. Otherwise, leave the chases alone.

  5. There was a really weird one earlier this week where the guy being chased was on a motorcycle. I don’t think he was at all aware of the helicopters following him, and when he was on surface streets, he was stopping for red lights and doing a California stop at the stop signs.

  6. We saw FOUR helicopters flying north – and then south again – around the Highland Park/SouthPas border area, between 10 and 11. This totally explains why so many civic resources were passing overhead last night.

  7. This took up so much time , they didn’t have a chance to tell me who Anna Nicole’s baby daddy is !!
    (As they had promised to do ).

  8. “It’s like, you know” – aww, I loved that show! Died too soon . ..

    My parents mentioned to me on the phone last night that they were watching this and then mentioned that there was a televised chase last week that ended in San Pedro and, with the front door open, they could hear the sirens and the helicopters from the chase at the other end of town. Art imitates life and then drives down your street, apparently.

  9. Jillian:

    The helicopters you saw (save one) were not civic resources, but instead aircraft operate by or on behalf of local news media.

    I’d love to say more… but I need er, uh… to get to bed.

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

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