Yellow Bellied Cabbie

The wife and I frequently take Yellow Cabs when we go out for dinner in our neighborhood as we don’t drink and drive and she doesn’t like to ride her bike while wearing a dress and heels. On Sunday we went to Kobe Ramen, which as far as I know, is the only place to get Tako Yaki in Little Tokyo. I was a bit buzzed on the way home and I failed to notice that the cabbie didn’t start the meter. Once we arrived at our loft I realized that the meter wasn’t running and I asked the drive what was up with that. He responded that cab rides in Downtown cost $10, to which I responded “The fuck they do, I ride the cab every few days and it only costs around $4 for this trip.” He said I could pay him $6, which I did and took note of his cab ID. As soon as he drove away I called the dispatch and spoke to his supervisor. I hope he got yelled at and learned his lesson.

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