That Satisfaction of a Tow Truck

After the earlier post about bullies at the Hollywood Bowl, I took some special pleasure in reading this post on Fightin’ Mad Mary’s blog, The Customer is Always Right:

As they were loading your car up onto the tow truck it made quite a bit of noise and the alarms went off, but you still didn’t come around to see what was going on. One of my neighbors came out and said he noticed your car parked there around 11:00pm last night. My neighbor thought you were a guest at my house, but none of my guests would block a driveway.

(link to full post with more photos)

She also gives the BONUS follow up as the fellow came back looking for his car and lamely said that he was only PARTIALLY blocking the driveway and then asked for a copy the photo as he planned on protesting the impoundment. I love a story with closure. (Well, the ultimate closure would be to hear what the judge says when he shows the photo and tries to explain the difference between his definition of partially and the parking bureau’s.)

6 thoughts on “That Satisfaction of a Tow Truck”

  1. Oddly, I had a similar experience visiting a friend in Valley Village (Sherman Oaks-ish). Some jackass had parked across her neighbor’s drive and when he called Parking Enforcement they told him they Would Not Tow! Eventually they came and ticketed the car, but wazzup with no towing in the Valley?

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