Restrictions At Airport Less Restricted

Good news, everyone! You can now bring small containers of liquid toiletries onto airplanes! LA Times article this morning says that up to 3oz containers of liquids such as shampoo, moisturizer, etc. are OK, so long as they are all packed in a clear, quart sized Ziploc bag for easy examination. Also, water is fine so long as it is purchased after the checkpoint.

This is especially good news for me, as I am travelling to Vancouver in ten days for Canadian Thanksgiving. And I rarely check bags if I can help it – I travel with a large backpack that fits neatly into the overhead. And I’m happy to have the restrictions eased because it will also (hopefully) mean slightly shorter lines at LAX on the way out. If any of you readers are travelling in the near future – or have travelled recently – could you let me know what the lines have been like, and if I really need to be at the airport at 5am for my 7am flight to YVR?

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  1. I flew LAX->YVR just before Labor Day. I think it took me around 45 minutes from curbside to gate, possibly less. The check-in line was almost non-existent, and the metal detector/x-ray line was quite short. My flight was in the middle of the afternoon on a Thursday, which probably is not a very busy time/day for airports. The longest line by far was customs at YVR.

  2. They stopped allowing cellos/instruments in, although we buy separate seats for it. Which is ridiculous, because what kind of bomb can you fashion from 100+ year old wood and strings?

  3. Lee: boo hiss. :D

    When I took my trip, I brought with me a drum that was custom made by a company in Vancouver, which needed repair. No one said a word about it. I was extremely lucky when I boarded too – I discovered it was an inch or two too large to fit in the overhead, and I ended up sitting it on my lap for the entire flight, with my coat thrown over it.

    However, something like a cello or guitar they no longer allow because of its size. The size limit for carry-on luggage is something like 22x14x9. Beyond that, you have to check it or buy a seat for it.

    You can always check the LAX website to see what security will allow you to take to the gate, and check your airline’s website to see what they’ll allow on the plane.

  4. I wouldn’t trust an airline with my beloved instrument, if I had one. Maybe take the approach that many people (including my boss) have taken lately, and FedEx whatever you can’t take as carryon to yourself at your destination?

  5. I was really happy about this too. I hate going on an overnight trip and having to check a small bag because I want to bring shampoo, lotion and toothpaste. I also hated not being able to take any water, even if I bought it at a store past security on the plane with me. Sometimes the flight attendants take too long to bring drinks and peanuts make me thirsty!

    Lines at LAX haven’t been bad at all, but I’ve only flown on Southwest since the ban on liquids, gels and aerosoles. There were definitely more people checking bags, but those lines went fast.

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