Register To Vote Before October 23rd

I move back to LA over a year and a half ago after living in OC for a year. I never got around to changing my registration, and I’ve been driving down to Fullerton to vote. That will all end as soon as I get my Affidavit of Registration in the mail and send it off, as long as I do so before the 23rd of October. This upcoming election is very important, we have the chance to get Schwarzanegger out of office, or keep him in if you swing that way. If you aren’t registered or if you are registered somewhere else you can change that with a quick phone call to (800) 481-VOTE. The lady who took my information was very helpful and she sent me out duplicate applications for both my wife and I and also included temporary and permanent absentee ballot forms. You can read more about registering to vote in LA on