Villaraigosa for Prez in 2008? York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a Republican, suggested that Mayor Villaraigosa, a Democrat, should bypass a run for California Governorship in 2008 and instead aim for the White House (source: LA Daily News).

Sounds to me like the Republicans want anyone who won’t stand a chance to go up against them in the next Presidential race. Or maybe this is just pandering towards Hispanic and Latino voters who will be in the spotlight again, unless, of course, the whole immigration debate disappears. But maybe my spepticism is ill placed, as Bloomberg seems to be a solid mayor with a wide range of bipartisan support in a city (arguably) more diverse than Los Angeles.

Regardless, the idea of Mayor V running for President is far fetched, albeit impractical. His experience handling politics and management is relatively minimal beyond city issues. After our current Commander in Chief, we need to make sure the next one has a track record of handling a wide range of issues, beginning with disaster response. Short of miraculous results at the LAUSD, or, shudder to think, pristine crisis management after a potential earthquake or local terror attack, Mayor V will not be worthy of leapfrogging onto a Presidential ballot.

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5 thoughts on “Villaraigosa for Prez in 2008?”

  1. In the context of the New York mayor’s national aspirations for ‘Tonio at this point that marquee would be much more appropriate if it read “Dream On.”

  2. I don’t think his running for Prez is far fetched. He clearly has aspirations of holding a higher office and I wouldn’t put it past him. But I do agree that his chances at winning are indeed somewhere around nil.

  3. I don’t think Bloomberg is smart enough to promote Tony just because he’d be a loser. Rather, I think it was just BS designed to flatter his hosts. I note, however, that he didn’t say that Tony should run for President *of the U.S. specifically*, so perhaps he was thinking of President of Aztlan or Mexico.

  4. To give Villaraigosa some credit, he did serve as Speaker of the Assembly, which made him one of the Big 5 of California statewide politics. The Big 5 (Governor plus leaders of the Senate and Assembly) are the ones who rehash the Governor’s budget in the spring. I’d disagree that his experience in politics is “minimal” outside of city issues. It’s not as if California is some tiny and insignificant state.

    Too bad Aztlan doesn’t hold elections for it’s presidency until 2010…

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