Abbot-Kinney Festival 2006

Unfortunately, my camera is broken, so I’m unable to bring visuals to of this year’s Abbot-Kinney Festival, aka “The Ultimate Block Party”, in all its glory. But glory there was. Although, even with a camera, I would still be missing several dimensions of the fair.

The Abbot-Kinney festival is, of course, along the eponymous boulevard, every year in late September. It’s a day when the boulevard is closed to traffic, and vendors and artists from all over Southern California come out to sell their creations. I coveted many things over the course of the day: Austrian crystal jewelry, a metal purse made by a local musician (kaRIN of Collide), stained glass artwork…

I also love the festival because I not only discover new artists and designers to look out for, but I always find new stores and galleries in my own backyard. Literally, a yard in one case: Robin Murez’ Sculpture Garden, a tangle of plants with statues and glass sculptures. It was two doors down from an adorable stationery store, which was connected to an art gallery with delicately beautiful lamps, constructed from Victorian iron machineworks. It’s finding little things like that which make me happy to live in Venice.

The festival goes on for a half a mile, down Abbot-Kinney. My friends and I visited the booths that caught our eyes, and stopped for po’boys at the Primotivo Restaurant. We listened to a song or two, here and there, at the multiple stages set up at intervals. But by the time we did reach the end of the festival, we were running out of energy. It was a lot of input for one day. Which is why I’m sorry that my camera is on the blink, so I couldn’t try to capture at least a small part of the festival. You all will just have to try to get out here next year.

4 thoughts on “Abbot-Kinney Festival 2006”

  1. I totally spaced that this year!!!!! If you only would have given a heads up before hand!!! So mad at you. But not really.

  2. Next, unlike the supremely overhyped Sunset Junction event you’ll tell me there’s no “mandatory” admission fee and that will make me even more upset at missing it (and so looking forward to next year’s).

  3. No, it’s free – because it’s more vendor booths and artisans than entertainment. But there are some bands, if nothing on the scale of Sunset Junction.

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