No Home Depot on San Fernando

no home depot websiteActually, there are lots of Home Depots on San Fernando. Two that I go to … one is way down by the 5 and 110 by the at Figueroa. The other is on San Fernando in Glendale (also near the 5 & 134).

Now Home Depot wants another big box on San Fernando, this time in Glassel Park/Atwater/Silverlake where the K-Mart used to be at Fletcher (near the 2). Certainly that would be closer to me, but the one in Hollywood isn’t far either. I didn’t know about this new Home Depot until I saw a little sign in front of Netty’s on Silverlake Blvd. that said and I had to find out more.

Now, the K-Mart has been abandoned for two years and the Ralph’s that was on the other side of the 2 on San Fernando closed down a couple of years ago as well (that was my favorite Ralph’s). Home Depot wants to move into the K-Mart lot and a lotta folks apparently don’t want it. We really don’t need another Home Depot there … what we need are better run Home Depots. You know, have folks working the checkstands at the other ones on weekends.

The old Van de Kamp’s building on Fletcher is being rehabbed and will be a new extension of Los Angeles City College … now that’s a development I can get behind. But does a Home Depot really fit with that direction?

The site mentions that folks have a Northeast Community Plan, but don’t say what it is, just that Home Depot is contrary to it. What should go in there? What would you like to see across the street from the new satellite LACC campus?

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  1. I used to live right over there, and yeah, there are plenty of Home Depots. There’s maybe a 20 minute drive between them when San Fernando is not jammed up.

    BTW – did you check out the new King Market that used to be where Ralph’s was? It’s a strange mix of Armenian, Russian, Latin and your standard American style groceries.

  2. I’m no fan of Home Depot, but it seems like anything is better than an empty building, economically speaking. I’m sure the teenagers in Glassell Park would like to have someplace to get a part-time job.

    I wish they’d put in a Wal-Mart. That would really give the Silverlake hipsters a stroke…

  3. The Northeast Community Plan is one of 35 “community plans” that make up the community portion of the General Plan for the City of Los Angeles. It’s a planning document used to guide land-use in that area. The plans can be found here.

    In the “Purpose of the Community Plan” section for the Northeast Plan, it says a few things that make it a relevant ocument for this discussion. The plan has many purposes, which include:

    -Improving the function, design, and economic vitality of the commercial districts.
    -Preserving and enhancing the positive characteristics of existing uses and ensuring that future developments improve the identity and appearance of neighborhoods and communities by providing guidance regarding scale, height, bulk, setbacks, design, and landscaping.
    -Revitalizing commercial and industrial development sites with needed job producing uses that improve the economic and physical condition of the Northeast Los Angeles Community Plan Area.

    There’s a lot more info in that plan, but that’s what they’re referring to on their site.

  4. I find it sad that so many people choose to go to Home Depot. Since they moved into my area, many small “mom and pop” hardware stores had to become Ace Hardware outlets, and even that failed to save many of them.

    Few things give me more pleasure than wandering the aisles of hardware store, but Home Depot’s just too sterile and corporate for my tastes. I guess most people like them, though, so I just choose not to go there.

    That works for me.

  5. Heather – I haven’t checked what into that space … now I’m curious to see what sort of candy is there … hmmm.

    coop – I definitely advocate the legalized slavery of the lower class citizens who take jobs at WalMart, if, you know, it’d be funny to watch everyone’s reaction to it.

    I counted at least 30 entry-level positions open at the Glendale & Cypress Park stores … maybe the kiddies are looking for other gigs that a mixed use retail development would offer.

    Laura – Thanks for the heads up on the Sunland site!

    LACity Nerd – as usual, you rock!

    Russ – I agree about the smaller places, and we do usually amble over the Baller’s.

    Sherru – Eagle Rock doesn’t do it for you? They’ve got a cart escalator! It’s worth the trip for that alone!

    Honestly, I don’t think I’d put up a fuss about the Home Depot except for the fact that I’m in a triangle where there’s three within 3 miles of me. Maybe if the Fletcher one was a Expo Center or something that offered something different.

  6. Cybele – My mother worked at Wal Mart through most of my childhood and teen years. She participated in the company profit sharing program, and received a substantial payout when she finally retired to become a teachers assistant. But since you seem to know so much more about it, please feel free to lecture me.

  7. Coop – I don’t think that the WalMart company has been run the same way thoughout its entire existance. I have seen it outcompete downtown areas, poverty increase and teens lose places to socialize and find work at small retail companies (where they can form strong social bonds and create their own mentorships). (This is in smalltown PA and OH)

    Are there exceptions? Do people like working there and earn a good living? Do people love shopping there? Sure … but I don’t believe that the exceptions make it a good direction.

    I applaud WalMarts efforts in becoming more energy and resource efficient and their open policies about prescription drug availability – they will fill birth control and emergency contraception. (Target does not guarantee prescriptions will be filled.)

    But the poverty connection can’t be overlooked.

    Try these links:

  8. I live a mile from the old K-Mart. In fact, I used to be able to see the sign clearly from my balcony apartment.

    We don’t need another Home Depot. There are plenty within short driving distance already.

    At the same time, the mix of apartments and retail “such as CPK” as the website above mentions are simply not going to happen here. This is a poor hispanic community. It won’t tolerate something the least bit upscale. Even when you consider the Van De Kampus (what on earth is taking so long with that anyway, for crying out loud!!) it would be a horrible investment, especially with those same offerings being so close in Glendale. Sad, but true.

    My vote? Wal-Mart, all the way. It would work great here, and would provide some better competition for the Eagle Rock Target.

    Just my two cents.

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