Celebrity Dad

vitaminwater.jpgDriving home from errands this afternoon I decided to take side streets. As I approached a corner I saw two extremely cute kids waving a sign that said “Vitamin Water $1.00” and jumping up and down. I guess this is the new generation’s version of a lemonade stand.

I don’t even like Vitamin Water but they were soooo cute and I had a dollar in my pocket so I pulled over. I parted with my dollar in exchange for an orange flavored drink. The kids yelled “Thank You” repeatedly, very pleased about their sale. I glanced back at their dad, who was sitting in a lawn chair off to the side, and he flashed me a big grin. A grin that said “Thanks” and also “Aren’t my kids awesome?”

And I’ll be damned if it wasn’t Luke Perry.

I managed to resist the urge to hollar “I love you , Dylan!” Sigh.

So now I have this orange flavored Vitamin Water. Any suggestions what I ought to do with it?

4 thoughts on “Celebrity Dad”

  1. Anyone remember the Family Guy episode with Luke Perry? Anyone remember the scene where Peter tries to seduce Luke Perry by the pool? Anyone remember the citrus?

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