This Tail Has A Happy Ending

Stressed-out squirrel rescues not withstanding, the last time I found an animal in need of assistance, things didn’t go as smoothly as I would have hoped (nor could I have dreamed they’d’ve gone so wrong).

Thankfully all went well this time around after spotting a mature female pitbull scavenging around the gutter on Silver Lake Boulevard at the Sunset Boulevard overpass while on my way to Costco. Seeing that she had a collar and tag, I pulled out from under the bridge and out of the flow of traffic. I’d be fibbing if I wasn’t thinking “holy beans does it have to be a pit?” as I exited my pick-up but any apprehensions were allayed when I knelt down on the sidewalk, clucked my tongue and whistled and she didn’t think twice before slinking in a beeline up to me low on bent legs with tail wagging like mad and just really happy to find a friendly human to hang with.

Looking around to satisfy myself that her guardian wasn’t lurking anywhere nearby about to call me a dognapper or some shit, I loaded her into the cab of the truck and climbed in to get acquainted and figure out where we go from there. From her tag I learned her name is Bridget, so everyone say hey…


…but the only other info was a phone number, which I called and got a machine and left a message that Bridget was safe and fine and ready to come home. wherever that might be. Then it was decision time: do I cancel the Costco run and just bring Bridget home to wait out the return call, or might Bridget be up for a little truck ride to Atwater Village? I poured some spare water I had in an old styro container that was hanging around behind my seat and let her lap that up while I played pro and con. Then I told Bridget the options and she responded by planting a sloppy wet one on my cheek and sitting upright and staring straight out the windshield, which is dog for “Put the hammer down and let’s git!” So we did and by the time we got home and I was unloading groceries my cell rang and it was sweet Bridget’s loving peeps and a few minutes later the transfer was made and all was safe and swelll in Bridget’s world.

6 thoughts on “This Tail Has A Happy Ending”

  1. Anyone have any updates on that small white dog that has been missing-“Nico ” ?
    I’ve seen flyers that the reward is up to $2,500…so sad.

  2. aw man. cool.

    i can tell this is a great dog, and if the owners are unable or unwilling to take her, well, you’ve just got a new friend for life.

    at least that is what happened to me…

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