The Arclight News You’ve Been Waiting For

From their most recent member e-mail:

Website (and Ticket Kiosk) Improvements Coming VERY Soon!

In an effort to increase the reliability of our ticketing and ArcLight membership systems and to add some features that our members and guests have requested, we’re making some changes. (Please note that no changes are being made that will affect your membership points or their redemption value.)

Beginning Tuesday, September 26th –

  • You can select your specific seat numbers online and at the kiosks. Just scroll the map, look for the open seats you want, and click!
  • You can specifically purchase aisle seats. We’ve renumbered them adn they”re the same in every black-box auditorium.
  • For ease of seat selection, some row letters will change (except in the Dome). If you have a favorite row, check the website seat map to locat your new favorite.

About. Freaking. Time. As a result, their systems will be down from Monday, 9/25 at 8:30 p.m. until almost noon the next day. Fine with me! I would put up with their online ticketing being down for a week if it meant that they were finally going to fix it.

2 thoughts on “The Arclight News You’ve Been Waiting For”

  1. Cool stuff… I hope.
    I don’t think being able to pick specific seats is a very good idea, however, since it may lead to many empty single seats people use as “buffers”. On an average night, this won’t be a problem – but on opening nights, it could suck.

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