overcast days

We don’t get many overcast days here (unless you live by the beach and you have all of June to gloom about). As much as I love the perpetual sunny weather Los Angeles is known for, I long for foggy evenings. In LA, you walk out of the house and you’re wearing what you’re going to be wearing all day. Whereas in more northern climes what you wear in the afternoon is often quite different from your morning or evening attire.

I’m talking about layering. And the color black. So when the weather cools down, I can return to my favored dressing style, layering black upon black upon sweater upon jacket. Too hot? Remove a layer. Too cold? Put one on.

Then there is the quality of the air. It is cool and moist and the light is softly diffused – almost twilight. It’s a mysterious time and in my black layered attire I forget I live in sunny palm tree lined LA and pretend I’m in a film noir alter-reality.

One thought on “overcast days”

  1. Praise be foggy overcast days! Scarves as accessories? Check. Nicely cut blazer? Check. Makeup that doesn’t sweat off? Check.

    God bless ’em.

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