Nazi Flags Over the 101! (updated) reader Moe Berg asks:

wondering if anyone else saw the big nazi flag attached to the fence on the bridge over the 101 about halfway between balboa and haskell this morning? i was driving eastbound around 6 am and was amazed by what i saw. anyone have any information at all? how about a confirmation so i know i’m not losing my mind?

UPDATE: Its true, says Will Campbell (below).

CBS2 reports that, “Two flags depicting swastikas were draped over an overpass to the eastbound Ventura (101) Freeway in Encino Friday, the day the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana begins.”

This appears to be coordinated and possibly widespread. At about 5:45am flags depicting the swastika were also found hanging two freeway overpasses in San Diego. (source: CBS2)

(pic from Cats That Look Like Hitler)

9 thoughts on “Nazi Flags Over the 101! (updated)”

  1. There were reports this morning on the CBS7 and ABC7 news websites about swatiskas draped from overpasses above the 101 in Encino so Mo was definitely not seeing things.

  2. Maybe today is National Show Everyone What A Stupid Fucking Ignorant Intolerant Douchebag Retard You Are Day. I imagine this sort of thing would be announced on Rush Limbaugh or FOX News.

  3. Oh, how I would have loved to have caught those cockfucks in the act of hanging that trash…I would have given them the Bud White treatment.

    “This is the city of angels, boyo, and you haven’t any wings.”

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