More online fun from the LAPD

Without coming off like a total shill I want to point out something we first mentioned back in March when it was launched but I think a lot of people still don’t know about. We were making a fuss about the Crime Maps but equally interesting is the E-Policing system. Check this:

“The E-Policing feature allows city residents and business owners to communicate directly with the Senior Lead Officer responsible for their area. Again all you have to do is access the feature through the above listed website and sign-up. The system will then direct your e-mail address to your Senior Lead Officer. In turn you will begin to receive crime alert information, crime trends, and other information related to your residential and/or business community.”

One thought on “More online fun from the LAPD”

  1. I live in K-Town, so I got this after i signed up

    “Through this program we will provide important information to you that is relevant to your community. Currently this program is in development and is only available to subscribers in the West Valley area. If you live in another area of Los Angeles we will store your information confidentially until E-policing is launched city-wide.”

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